Maison et Objet’s new inspirational theme, SHOW-ROOM will be overseen by Vincent Grégoire from the renowned Agency NellyRodi. The designer is set to create the Inspirations Space and the Bookshop-Café following this year’s theme, which is all about the revolution present in consumer behavior regarding everything related to decor.

Get to Know Maison et Objet 2018's Revolutionary and Trendy Theme 3

This insightfull concept emerged as the product of the investigative work conducted by NellyRodi’s team of consultants on a variety of societal, industry and marketing topics.

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Vincent Grégoire comments why he selected this theme and how much impact it as in the industry and for homeowners, “Through digital technologies, consumers now have access to product information, can compare prices, and even have the possibility to share comments on the products and rate them. A new generation of hyper-connected and hyper-informed consumers is reclaiming control … This is what we have called the showroomisation trend*: it is no longer the product that makes the consumer, but the consumer that makes the product.” 

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© DR Studio

The inspirations’ theme acts a stunning opportunity to develop and know more about a strong trend and gives an idea of what’s to come.

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Signs of the times (2017) by © Scott Kelly and © Ben Pol Kinghorne

Marie-Jo Malait, the Editor-in-Chief of the Inspirations Book, has also shed some light about the theme chosen for the upcoming edition, “In our digital times, a whole world of lifestyles is just a click away. Social networks do the spadework, clearing the ground leaving only objects of desire as the well-honed online consumer becomes the artistic director and designer of his/her interior.”

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La petite Frenchie by © Le Cannet Bea Cortell

Marie-Jo Malait continues by saying, “Homemakers indulge in a form of decorative exhibitionism and with transparency in every shape, size and form showcase their significant objects in display cases or on shelves. Walls show off these new collectors’ juxtaposed accumulation of pictures, or their modern-day take on decorative plates; still lifes are arranged as if posing to have their photo taken, ready to be posted on Instagram; and light transforms volumes in a dramatic and theatrical approach to interiors that brings a touch of magic back into everyday life. Click to say you “like” it and make sure to share.”

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Maison et Objet returns to Paris Nord Villepinte, from 19-23 January and promises to deliver a creative and diverse platform, as per usual, in an environment full of uniqueness and networking opportunities, so don’t miss it for the world.

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Source: Maison et Objet