This year, Portuguese brand, Boca do Lobo is exposing an art of maximalism theme at the prestigious iSaloni 2017 that is set to occur from the 4th to 9th April. Exhibiting a trinity of striking wall mirror design, today’s article will focus exclusively on the Magma Mirror, the Concave Metamorphosis and the Filigree Mirror.


Inspired by the contrast of aesthetics, the romanticism of practicality, the perfection of imperfection and the balance of Minimal Maximalism, Boca do Lobo brings up contemporary design and Portuguese tradition with the release of astonishing new pieces.

“Each handmade piece of furniture is a medley of various materials. The workshop now spawns an expanding range of custom-made and limited edition furniture that blends futuristic vision with almost-forgotten artisan techniques.”

The Art of Maximalism was born from the appreciating of beauty in regards to combining bold tones and textures in an effort to create groundbreaking masterpieces.

Concave Metamorphosis


Made from brass, the unconventional yet astonishing Concave Metamorphosis Mirror removes any kind of boundaries when it comes to creativity.


Its is hand hammered to shape, coated in a nickel bath. The insects are also cast from brass and undergo a chemical treatment for the finish.

Convex Metamorphosis


The Convex Metamorphosis Mirror represents a living tribute to the beauty of an uncompromised mindset, breaking creative boundaries.

convex-metamorphosis-02 isaloni 2017

Playing on the concept of evolution, and challenging the notion of beauty, the Convex Metamorphosis takes a clean form and transforms it into an exceptional piece of luxury furniture.


Filigree Mirror


The Filigree Mirror resorts to one of the oldest jewellery making techniques known.


Completely handcrafted, with each brass cord fitted with precision, the Filigree Mirror flourishes in a shape traditional to Portuguese culture and art.

filigree-mirror-03 isaloni 2017

A true work of art, this luxurious mirror plays tribute to Boca do Lobo’s core values -heritage and craftsmanship.

filigree-mirror-hr-01 isaloni 2017 isaloni 2017

Magma Mirror

magma-mirror-01 isaloni 2017

Magma Mirror’s subtle lines are the result of a precise handcrafted process. The shape of the mirror emulates suspended crystals and fragments of unmelted rocks transported in the magma.

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