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As to honor the most original achievements in design, Coveted Magazine presented the Coveted Awards at the beloved furniture fair, iSaloni 2017. In this article, you will discover the astonishing features of the recipient for Most Coveted Mirror, the Egoist by luxury brand, KOKET. This fresh piece joins the likes of many sultry and seductive classics.

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KOKET is renowned for producing empowering and authentic pieces that defy the laws of conventionality, providing glamorous and luxurious solutions all around the world. The brand’s passion for design is made evident in its sensuous and bold collection, Guilty Pleasures.

egoist-mirror-1-zoom-big iSaloni 2017

This leads to the recipient of the Most Coveted Mirror award, the Egoist Mirror. With an elegant frame, this avant-garde piece features an unseemly Art Deco symmetry.

egoist-mirror-7 iSaloni 2017

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The delicate cast brass hand which serves the aesthetic purpose of holding the mirror is the sophisticated touch needed to make Egoist a one-of-a-kind piece. As a whole, this mirror is the epitome of contemporary luxury.

egoist-mirror-10 iSaloni 2017

“Thru KOKET I will share ma joie de vivre and coquettish frill while empowering you to follow my lead and take risks to create your own sense of individual style—for yourself, your home and how you live.” – Janet Morais, Creative Director and CEO

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