Today, Wall Mirrors decided to convey a few decorating tips on the best ways to luxurious combine console tables with cutting-edge wall mirrors. To obtain a serene and glamorous ambience, there are several ways to match furniture designs with your decor space, but it all comes down on how one mixes furniture pieces and the space together.

Console tables and wall mirrors are essential parts of home decor, and the perfect thing about these pieces is that can be placed in almost any household division, especially in hallways or bedrooms. As a whole, they effortlessly give depth and dimension to a room, particularly to smaller settings.

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Looking at aspects such as size, shapes, colour tones and textures, designers and decor enthusiasts can make the most out of elegant combinations, from luxury brands, such as KOKET, Boca do Lobo, Brabbu and Essential Home.

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Here you can find 10 combinations that are simply flawless, and bound to enhance any contemporary interior setting.

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